Socializing Your Puppy Made Easy


Puppies need to have certain socialization goals met by 16 weeks of age. I’ve made this handy list you can print out and hang on your fridge. Check off each item after you have done them.

*Remember, it’s only socializing if the dog is enjoying it*

My puppy will be sixteen weeks on ______\_____

Hat day 1- wear several different hats and allow your puppy to sniff them or even eat a treat off them
People day- take your dog to a hardware store or park where he can be greeted by 5-10 friendly people. (If not fully vaccinated, carry puppy)
1x   2x   3x   4x
Doorbell day 1- ring doorbell 10x today and give a small treat each time
1x   2x
Hat day 2- introduce your puppy to someone in a hat and sunglasses

1x   2x
Thunder and fireworks day 1- use YouTube to play thunder and firework noise on a low to medium volume while you feed your puppy or play with your puppy
Kid day- find kids of varying ages to introduce puppy to
1x  2x
Dog day 1- introduce puppy to a known friendly and vaccinated small dog(s)
1x   2x   3x
Dog day 2- introduce puppy to a known friendly and vaccinated large dog(s)
1x   2x   3x
Thunder and firework day 2- use YouTube to play thunder and fireworks on a high volume while treating puppy

Out front day- spend time in front yard playing and greeting neighbors

1x   2x   3x
Wheels day- allow your pup to sniff the wheels of bikes, skateboard (etc.) and watch them roll. Use food or toys to distract your pup if they want to chase
Prey animal day- if you can, expose your pup to a cat that’s calm. Also try to allow your pup to see (but not chase) small prey animals
Different types of people:
loud voice
foreign accent
different skin color from you

Check off each of the following after the dog has been positively introduced:
Hair dryer
Lawn mower
Vacuum cleaner
Hard/shiny floor
Raised table (like at the vets or groomers)
Nail clippers
Cotton swab in ears
Water (don’t force a dog in, just let them explore)

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